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Always used to wake up at 1.a.m feeling too warm. But now my Swayy mattress keeps me so comfortable, I sleep soundly through the whole night.

When I used to get into bed, my feet were always freezing. But since I’ve started using Swayy, my feet and my whole body feels always just right.

Swayy is a smart mattress that adapts to your body’s changing needs – warming and cooling different areas of your bed at different stages of your sleep.

Swayy provides perfect thermal comfort throughout the night.

Simple and intuitive to use, there’s no water to fill up or pump to install. Just connect Swayy to the app and USB-C – and sleep easy.

Create your perfect sleep experience

We all feel thermal comfort differently in different parts of our body – in our feet, for example, compared to our lumbar zone.

Swayy creates separate temperature zones for different areas of your bed, so from head to toe you’re always feeling right.

Maximum comfort,
minimum effort

Your thermal comfort changes during the night, because your body temperature drops while you’re asleep. Swayy can adapt to this change, by gently warming you during your later sleep phases.

An ideal night’s sleep
– at your fingertips

The Swayy app allows you to manage your thermal comfort across three key mattress zones: overall, lumbar, and feet zones.

You can also adjust the settings for each phase of the night, as your body’s thermal perception changes.

Once you’ve selected your favourite settings, the Swayy mattress does the rest automatically.

Want to know more?

With the Swayy mattress you can adjust the temperature from cool to warm in 4 different sections of the bed (Shoulder, Lumbar, hip and feet). Furthermore, these temperatures can be time-dependent, changing during the night. That leads to a perfectly adjusted thermal comfort feeling – unique to you.

We believe in affordable innovation. The Swayy mattress with all its functionalities will not cost more than a usual good-quality mattress.

Swayy will be available in selected countries starting Summer 2023. Check back regularly about availability in your country or subscribe to our newsletter.

Swayy knows that people are different. The mattress design will be adjusted to local and regional needs and sizes. That is why we will introduce country by country. So you will get the comfortable mattress feeling you are looking for – fitting your bed-base size.

For the cooling function Swayy uses a sustainable solution using the fact that thermal energy naturally flows from hot sections to cold sections. And for warming Swayy has developed a state-of-the-art integrated warming strip, that generates a quick heat with low power. Swayy loves superior materials!

Don’t worry. Whereas you can adjust all settings anytime, the tiny controller in the mattress can operate autonomous based on your settings. Once you have found the thermal comfort you were looking for, there is nothing to operate.

Sure, Swayy measures the actual temperature in a room and knows how you sleep. We have found that you do not need to have the a/c on high power when using the Swayy mattress. That’s good for your power-bill – and for the planet too.

Whereas Swayy works with any comforter or duvet, we would suggest using a light to medium comforter or duvet to perfect your thermal comfort feeling. But in the end, this is up to you.

Swayy believes there are already enough sensors in this world, you do not need more! So in future the Swayy technology can connect to existing sensors or smart watches, like your Apple-Watch.

Swayy functions also without an Internet connection. But for the full functionalities – especially upgrades and updates of the controller firmware– an Internet-connection is needed. And because Swayy can be updated over the air, your Swayy mattress will always stay up to date.